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  • What size Pro Club short and long sleeve t-shirts do you have?
    For Youth we carry from size XS up to XL in short sleeves and long sleeves. The long sleeves are only in the colors of black and white. Short sleeves come in various colors. For Men we have from size small up to and including 10XL. From large through 5XL, we offer regular lengths and tall lengths. 10XL is only in the colors of black and white. The other sizes come in various colors. Long sleeves for Men is from small up to 7XL in different colors.
  • Can I choose to pick up my online order at your store?
    Yes, you do have that option when making and paying for your purchase online. When you select to pick up your order, you will get a discount of approximately 8%. Orders can only be picked up at our main store located in Kalihi during our regular store hours. Arrangements will have to be made via email or phone call with UIC Outlet Kalihi.
  • Do you accept Mainland and International online orders?
    No we don't. Currently we are shipping to the Outer Hawaiian Islands.
  • What is your order cut off time and when will my order arrive?
    Our order cut off time is 11:00am. When the order is made by 11:00am, available items will be shipped either the same day or within 24 hours from the date you place the order, during our regular store hours Monday through Saturday. Shipping originates from Honolulu. When we ship to the outer Hawaiian Islands, it will take between 2 to 4 days for you to receive your order.
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